Ice Diving


    Nakwakto Rapids Nakwakto Rapids, Canada

    The 300 metre wide channel of the Nakwakto Rapids is like a liquidmaelstrom, the tides rush in and out and currents drag unwitting diversacross the rocky rapids.The tide, squeezing through the narrow channel, goes out every fiveor six hours allowing a short period of calm, and this is when the…

    Neck Point Vancouver Island, Canada


    Nieuwe Kerkweg Grevelingen, Netherlands

    Noord AA (North) Noord AA North, Netherlands


    Oesterdam Oosterschelde, Netherlands

    There is a training platform located 30m out, directly in line with the steps. (heading 230). At low tide, the platform depth is 9m. At high tide, it is close to 12m.

    Ogden Point Breakwater Vancouver Island, Canada

    The Ogden Point Breakwater is an 800-metre long breakwater constructed of stacked granite blocks and concrete. Although the breakwater is a marine sanctuary, line fishing is allowed; be alert for fishing gear on the bottom and overzealous boaters.There are five dive flags painted near the top of the…

    Ossehoek Grevelingen, Netherlands

    dive for 100 meters at 2 meters max depth. till steep hill going down to 30 meters.

    Ouddorp (Harbour South) Ouddorp Harbour South, Netherlands

    Ouddorp - zwemsteiger Ouddorp - zwemsteiger, Netherlands

    Be carefull! It's very shallow (2-3m)so be carefull to meet a small (sailing)boats or winfsurfer. Not very interesting. A few crabs and that's it.Swim 150 meters and you will enter the fairway depth 15m)in which you are not allowed to dive.

    Pam Rocks Pam Rocks, Canada

    Pill point wall Vancouver Island, Canada

    Plompe toren Oosterschelde, Netherlands


    Polredijk Veerse meer, Netherlands


    Port McNeill Vancouver Island, Canada

    This site was more popular in the past when the pier existed. But there is still enough life here, to make it worth while.

    Porteau Cove Porteau Cove, Canada

    Provicial marine park, there is number of small wrecks to see, lots of fish life. Easy access with changing rooms / washrooms

    Portier Pass Portier Pass, Canada

    Prammen Denmark

    Preekhil De Bunker Preekhil De Bunker, Netherlands

    Don't dive in the concrete waterway

    Preekhil De Val Preekhil De Val, Netherlands

    Putti's Place Oosterschelde, Netherlands


    Quadra Island Vancouver Island, Canada

    Reeuwijkse houtwal Reeuwijkse houtwal, Netherlands

    Small wall with pike and small fish

    Renate's reef Vancouver Island, Canada

    A rather larger pinnacle that has wolf eels, giant pacific octopus, schools of rock fish, nudibranches and much much more.

    Rendezvous House Reef Vancouver Island, Canada

    An area marked by varied terrain from sand aeras with giant nudibranchs and Co-soles to rock formations with walls. Generally many invertebrates and fish species and even six gill sharks on occassion. Great for an afternoon dive or night dive after the usual boat dives

    Robert SS Oresund Strait, Sweden


    Rocky Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    The water quality varies here quite a bit. So, this location may only be good some of the time, partly because it is shallow here. If the conditions are not good above 50 feet, then you should dive Neck Point or Dolphin Beach.

    Rorschach HB Rorschach HB, Switzerland

    Some wrecks and other artificial things to look, very nice for fresh water dive!

    Saltery Bay Boat Launch Vancouver Island, Canada

    This is a pretty good dive site. One of the few places you can easily see Ratfish during the day. And also this is wheelchair accessible. Just have to be careful about the boats.

    Sandskaervej strand Sydjylland, Denmark


    Saxe Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    This is a shallow dive site, with lots of parking. To enter the water follow the trail to the north west of the parking lot down to the beach. The wall starts almost at the surface and can be followed both to the left and right once you are in the water.

    Scharendijke Grevelingen, Netherlands

    The primary life here are Lobsters and Crabs.The lobsters were HUGE (2+ feet) and they were everywhere.There were many soft shell crabs 6-8 inches in diameter as well.There is a platform at 9M with a buoy.This is good for training etc and there is a railing around the platform.There is a wall of…

    Schelphoek Oosterschelde, Netherlands

    lots and lots of anemones, lobsters, crabs

    Sidney Waterfront Vancouver Island, Canada

    This dive site is hard to predict slack current for. An artificial reef exists here, of hollow concrete half spheres. There is also the wreck of a small sail boat. But despite this dive sites problems this can be an interesting dive.

    Sinne Nordfisk Sjaelland, Denmark

    Sinne North Fish sunk Feb 28 1978 with the West German ship Oliver Twist.It sunk with no lost. Sinne North Fisk was on the way to its home port in Skagen from a fishing ground in the Company PE Nielsen, and several sister ships, all named "North Fish" for surname.

    Sint Annaland Oosterschelde, Netherlands

    SjÊlland Sjaelland, Denmark

    Line ship sank Zealand 2.4.1801. There are now tied and some frames back in the very scrub oak. Ballast at the bottom as you can look into.

    Slag Baardmannetje Slag Baardmannetje, Netherlands

    Dive shop and facilities as well as restaurant at the location. A few interesting wrecks about some of which require a bit of a swim to get to.

    Slag Stormvogel Slag Stormvogel, Netherlands

    Slijk Ewijk Slijk Ewijk, Netherlands


    Slaeggoe Sweden

    My favorite dive site in Scandinavia!Extremely easy access, good visibility, reasonably sheltered and TEAMING with life. Lots of different fishes, including some big ones (by Scandinavian standards), lots of different crabs, and superbeautiful beds of