Ice Diving


    HMCS Saskatchewan Vancouver Island, Canada

    HMCS Saskatchewan was a Mackenzie-class DestroyerEscort of 366-feet (111 metres), 2900 tons.Sunk in 1997.

    Hojerup Kirke Sjaelland, Denmark

    Immensee Immensee, Switzerland

    After entrance, just swim some meters and start your dive to the right. After ~5min you'll reach a wall. There's lots of fish hiding in the wall's creviches wich are quite interesting.There's easy diving with moderate slope till ~18-20m depth. Drop off then will lead you even deeper (40+ m).

    Irenehoeve Oosterschelde, Netherlands


    Johannes L Oresund Strait, Sweden

    Little German coaster at 498 grt, built 1951, which sank in 1981. The ship lies on the side about 1 meter below the surface. Wreck measuring 48.52 meters in length, 7.88 meters in width and had a draft of 3.9 meters. It is possible to stand on the wreckage with their heads above water. Two large…

    Jura wreck Jura wreck, Switzerland

    This wooden flat-decked passenger paddle steamer was built by Maschinenfabrik Escher-Wyss & Cie in Z?rich in 1854. The cost was 137,000 Swiss Francs and the ship was owned by Soci?t? des Bateaux ? vapeur du Lac de Neuch?tel.All passenger areas were made below deck. Except for the tiny bridge, the…

    Kaegnaes Faerge Sydjylland, Denmark

    Good spot for beginners, but also offers interesting dives for "old hands". Did my OWD here, nice and stressfree environment.

    Kanonvraget Oresund Strait, Sweden

    Kats Hoek Oosterschelde, Netherlands

    Kattendijke - Tetjes Oosterschelde, Netherlands

    Kattendijke Paal 51-52 Oosterschelde, Netherlands

    Kelvin Grove Kelvin Grove, Canada

    Keystorm Keystorm, Canada

    Kleine Stelle Oosterschelde, Netherlands

    Klinkerbergerplas Klinkerbergerplas, Netherlands

    Knud Rasmussen Copenhaguen, Denmark

    Parkering ved statuen.

    Koepeltje Grevelingen, Netherlands

    KongebrogÂrden Denmark

    Beautiful wall and beautiful scenery along the breakwater.

    Koningsheim Oosterschelde, Netherlands

    Kraaijenbergse Plassen Kraaijenbergse Plassen, Netherlands

    A pond with little vegetation and sand underwater mountains.

    Kulkenol Oosterschelde, Netherlands


    Kullen Oresund Strait, Sweden

    Generally recognized as the best dive site within a couple of hours drive/sailing of Copenhagen.It is basically a long granite mountain jutting straight into several kilometers into the sea. It is oriented east-west, so unless the wind is very unfavorable, it is nearly always possible to find a…

    Kyen point Vancouver Island, Canada

    A double pinnacle with a nice shallow sand channel in the middle. Lots of invertebrate life and fish. Occassionally a skate. Wolf eel and octopus are hanging around often and ratfish can be seen here too

    La CochËre La Cochere, Switzerland

    This is a very fragile wreck, so do not anchor !!!

    Langenboom Langenboom, Netherlands

    Langspier Langspier, Netherlands

    Nice divespot with several artistic objects under water, just follow the guideline in the north-easth part of the lake.Also close by the platform the is a container sunken. Close by this container some large fish may been seen (around 2 m).When the dive ends it is fun to hover just above the sand…

    Las topias Las topias, Venezuela

    Listvyanka Listvyanka, Russia

    unique marine life only to be found in Lake Baikal.

    Livlig Sjaelland, Denmark

    Vigorous vessel was a 3-masted Brigantine wood Fredrik Hald from (Halden), sank 30/08/1898.

    Lokkersnol Oosterschelde, Netherlands

    Loswal Grevelingen, Netherlands

    Lynetten Copenhaguen, Denmark

    Mean Well diving location. The bottom consists of sand, which quickly moves into mud. There are small, little eels and flatfish. There is growing r?dtang long seaweed and grass on the bottom.Find: Run out of Refshalevej over B and W's main building and past the sailing club Lynetten port, and…

    Lyngsbo Sydjylland, Denmark

    4 meter high wall starts at 10 meter depth

    Madrona Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    There are two walls here. One as you enter the water, and a much deeper wall whose top starts at about 40 feet and descends below 100 feet. The second wall most western end can be found at roughly 360 degrees magnetic north.

    Maple Bay Vancouver Island, Canada

    This is quite an easy dive. It featues rock reefs, docks, a large field of old glass bottles.Sealife consists of giant pacific octopi, ruby octopi, rock cod, rock crab, kelp crab.Visibility can be poor in the summer months, but it also comes with an abundance of bioluminescent plankton, which makes…

    Marselisborg Denmark


    McKenzie Bight Vancouver Island, Canada

    This dive site does require a walk of approximately 5 minutes. And a rocky trail leads down to the gravel beach. Once you are in the water there are some walls, but not much life on them. There is more life in the gravel. This site is more well known for one of the few places that the Six Gill…

    McNeill Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    Very nice shore dive. Just take care of sea urchins and tides.

    Mosses Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    This dive site despite is shallowness, can sometimes be worth it. But it depends on the season and weather conditions.

    Muscallonge Muscallonge, Canada