Ice Diving

    Dolfijntje Grevelingen, Netherlands

    Don't dive in front of harbour entrence.

    Dolphin Beach Vancouver Island, Canada

    Dreischor Grevelingen, Netherlands


    Dreisschor Gemaal Grevelingen, Netherlands

    When in the water, swim out to the open. After maybe 30 metres there's a shoal. From there it drops steeply till about 25 metres. Stay at a maximum of about 8 metres though and keep the wall on your right side untill you see a trail of death shelves. Follow the trail up and enjoy.

    Dreisschor Gemaal Oost Grevelingen, Netherlands

    Nice part is between 5 and 15 meters. Lots of crayfish and Eel during night dive.

    Dynte strand Sydjylland, Denmark


    Edith Lake Edith Lake, Canada

    Eersel Eersel, Netherlands

    Small lake with an artificial reef and a sunken sailboat.

    Elliot's Beach Park Vancouver Island, Canada

    This dive site is quite nice as far as the entry goes, and there are out-houses here. This is a nice beach with picnic tables as well.Swim along the left side of the beach out to the point, and beyond.

    Emerald Bay Emerald Bay, Canada

    Empels Gat Empels Gat, Netherlands

    Great for night diving, lots of pike and eels. but during the day time it's boring here ;)

    Fenalet - La falaise bikini Fenalet - La falaise bikini, Switzerland


    Faeno Sund Sydjylland, Denmark

    Nice place to do a drift dive when current is heading north. enter water down stream and stop in front of the castle.

    Flintkote Quarry Flintkote Quarry, Canada

    Flydedok Sydjylland, Denmark


    Forest Island - North End Vancouver Island, Canada

    Furso Copenhaguen, Denmark

    Is a freshwater lake with some crab fish.

    Gaasperplas Gaasperplas, Netherlands

    The pool is 72 ha. This is like a labyrint with tunnels. Take care cos the viz may become poor due to the turbulentie caused by bubbles.Original Dutch description (If someone could translate in English) "De Gaasperplas is een zandafgraving van 72 ha.Nadat men het zand had weggezogen zijn er onder…

    Galderse meren Galderse meren, Netherlands

    Galjoen zonder Poen Oosterschelde, Netherlands

    Galsklint Sydjylland, Denmark

    Stays shallow for a while (10 metrs MD), Camping with boats and fishing!

    Gammel Albo Sydjylland, Denmark

    Steady decent towards Lillebelt, depths well in excess of 40 mtrs (120 ft). Good entry and exit thanks to a wooden pier with metal steps at the end and a platform about 2/3 down the length.

    Gammelbrovej Arosund Sydjylland, Denmark

    stays shallow (5 meters max.) and then you enter the fairway (18 meters depth). Lot's of current possible!

    Gasevig Strand Sydjylland, Denmark


    GB Church Vancouver Island, Canada

    This wreck is mostly protected from the island that it resides beside. Portland Island. Although you may feel current at the surface, once below 10 metres [30 feet] there is usually very little or no current.

    Geffenseplas Geffenseplas, Netherlands

    Goesse Sas Oosterschelde, Netherlands

    60 years ago the germans dropped a lot of ammunition in the water on this spot, leading to nice finds and strange compass-readings for the divers some years ago. Nowadays it's a nice spot, known for it's cuttlefish population around may-june. Ideal for a first dive, lots to see even if you don't go…

    Goluboye Lake Goluboye Lake, Russia

    Named straight and simple - Goluboe Ozero means Blue Lake.Small and extremely deep karst cavity : 256 meters maximum depth (40 meters avg) and just 15 minutes to walk around.The water is blue indeed and absolutelytransparent: from 40 m depth you can still see crowns of the trees on the…

    Gorishoek Oosterschelde, Netherlands

    Gran Roque Gran Roque, Venezuela

    The 98-foot (30-meter) long, 217-ton was built in Gran Roque Venezuela's state-owned Shipyards in 1973 to serve domestic ports, but lack of maintenance the vessel finally Crippled for good seven years ago.Abandoned alongside the dock, the tug became a haven for the homeless and filled with trash and…

    Grasbroek Grasbroek, Netherlands


    Groene Heuvels Groene Heuvels, Netherlands

    not verry special, just for training, and you have to pay an entery fee

    Hagenor Sydjylland, Denmark

    Haven Middelplaat Grevelingen, Netherlands

    Be carefull of boat trafic near harbour. Stay away form harbour entrence. Don't dive in concrete waterway.

    Hejsager Strandby Sydjylland, Denmark


    Henderson Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    This site may not look the best initially, but over the course of a year many species can be found here. Access is fairly easy, but the last few feet to the water is steep decent of about 10 feet.

    Het Zijpe Oosterschelde, Netherlands

    Hirondelle wreck Hirondelle wreck, Switzerland

    The Hirondelle wreck was a 1855 passenger cruiser. It sunk after hurting a rock at the 10th june 1862The stern starts at 43 m and the bow is at 67 m. It's a wonderful wreck and in a very good shape (water temp is cold 5?C! and all the year under 30m).Some…

    Hmcs Cape Breton Vancouver Island, Canada

    The HMCS Cape Breton (ARE 100) was built in 1944-45 in British Columbia by the Burrard Drydock Company and served in the United Kingdom's Royal Navy as Flamborough Head. In 1951 she returned to Canada under the ownership of the Royal Canadian Navy, renamed Cape Breton and re-assigned as a training…